List of Trading Sundays in Poland in 2024


In 2024, as in previous years, Poland will continue to enforce a ban on Sunday trading. The Trade Restriction Act provides several exceptions to this rule. Here are the dates when shops will be open on Sundays in 2024.

For the past three years, the opportunity to shop on Sundays has been limited to only seven days a year. Shopping Sundays typically fall on the last Sundays of January, April, June, and August, as well as the Sunday before Easter and the two Sundays before Christmas.

In total, there will be only seven trading Sundays in 2024. Here is the list of dates:


• January 28

• March 24

• April 28

• June 30

• August 25

• December 15

• December 22


On non-trading Sundays, you can still shop at gas stations and some small stores, such as Żabka.

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